Plainview High School Class of 1966 Reunion - July 6, 2001

Reacquainting Party (about 75 of 372 graduates)

And a great time to remember 35 years ago.  From our yearbook "To the Cast: The lights dim, a hush falls over the audience, the curtain rises, and we sit back to gaze upon our fast  and furious, hurried and frenzied, yet wonderful and fulfilling year (week-end) of which we have all been a that will long be cherished."  

Here's pictures from the Reception on Friday July 6:


Above:  We were all welcomed with lei's;   Charlene checks the yearbook while 

Sandra and Cherie discuss the past 5 years;  Mack Watson listens to the details!



Sue and Charlene must be discussing grandchildren; what, grandkids already?



You have only one chance to get all of our names correct. 



Casey, Alice and Carolyn pause for the cause (picture taking).


Back sides are becoming, especially when Olin, Larry, and Jack are sashaying in their tropical attire.


Leroy, you can't hide behind the flowers!  Kenon Chaney, Pat Adams, Charlene George  and Jack Ooley are ready to exit to the pool.  Got swimsuits?



And their conversation went something like this:  My granddaughter started talking before she was one, and oh you should see my grandson; he is absolutely the most handsome child.  We took them to Six Flags last week, and I tell you it was so hot.  I had to leave at 3:00.  They wore me out.  Well, my grandchildren are so smart - just like their grandmother.  


Alice Sims and Clifton Caldwells' conversation might be boring since Carolyn Scott looks sleepy.  Check out Clifton tomorrow evening. 



The name that thrills, with every sound Is Plainview High.  Our Plainview High!  

We'll shout its praises round and round.  Plainview High.  Our Plainview, High!.....




Smile...Nancy, Barb and Peggy 


Sandra Latta and Gus Hernandez would like to borrow Santos Guerra's hat for the picnic tomorrow.

Reverend Sanders has an audience - David Howard, Delores Myers and Peggy.  He is 

waiting his turn to talk about his children.


Kenon Chaney says to Dennis Watts "I don't remember you";  Mack and Jack had 

him figured out as a wild "card".


Glenda Crosby, Beverly May and Laveda Barton discuss retirement; yes, I said retirement.  Where do you want to retire?  NO golf courses; we will table this discussion until 2006; we are much too young.


Brock has added to his flock with a larger listening audience.

Barbara really dressed tropical; did you get these clothes in Hawaii?  Nancy Boron is wondering 

where the conversation is going.  Glen, turn around; we know you are there.


Now we see Barb's tropical clothing.  Glen you are just too busy talking and Gus will not trade hats with you so just forget it.  Delores is contemplating which conversation to join.



"Girls just want to have fun" (Barbara Garrett and Diane Milstead).


Hey girlfriend; how you been?  Charlene and Sandra.

There was a lot action outside.  Doyle McEachern, Pat Adams, Wayne Moore, Mike 

Thornton, Mack Watson, and Mike Noel joined in.


Mike Marshall, Larry Naftzger, Clifton, Lloyd, Nora (Lloyd's friend) and Jack Ooley like the fresh air.  See Clifton's photo tomorrow evening.


Kenon Chaney and Nancy Boron are thinking about the Kodak moment; oops not 

Kodak today - mostly digital!  Kenon, what surprise do you have for us tomorrow?





Wait!  Hold that thought says Johnny Haydon.



Yes, there will be photos of this momentous occasion. Nora, Lloyd, Mike, Johnny 

Haydon, and Sandra.



This evening is coming to an end and we are anxious 

for our golf tournament, picnic and tomorrow night's Banquet.  


Here's a few pictures from our picnic:








Go to album 2 to see pictures from the banquet.