Plainview High School Class of 1966 Reunion - July 7, 2001 Banquet


"Look who just came in".

Aloha to all.  Aloha and hello.  Or howdy ya'll.  



The Luau is near the Tiki Hut according to Sue!




The Decorating Crew.  Good Job, Good Group Shot!


These lei's are very pretty.  For those who didn't come to this party, plan ahead if you want a lei. 

Kind of blurry!  Did the camera man have too much Mango punch and Poi? 

Olin chats with Larry and Pam Hamby.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Put your money in this envelope.

"If You Wanna Be Happy"....

Phil Clothier's wife, Phil Clothier, Steve Johnson with camera in ready position, and Barbara Hollars.


"The Letter?"

"Let me get your picture".

We dressed in our brightest colors.

We tried to color coordinate - Erma and Gus Hernandez.

Ah you've got to be kidding says Sherry Watson.

What is everyone waiting on?

Casey Trevisan and Beverly May are serious; Laveda and Sandra are exchanging email addresses.

This is real.

Hey Barb, have you got Leroy's envelope?  Carol, David and Glenda have already contributed.

Come on Jim, smile.  Brock's shirt is the most colorful tonight.

Hey wait for me.

Great outfits  - Charlene and Sherry Ferguson.

Glad we saw YOU tonight.  David, please sign my yearbook.  I have carried it around for 35 years.  Laveda, Linda and David True and Sandra.

"Do Wah Diddy Diddy"

Hey Jim, Leroy only needs $10.00 for the envelope please.

What neat place do you go next in your RV?

Dub Goodwin and significant other -  caught her by surprise.

Great Smile!

Watch out for the tree.  Notice anything different about Clifton tonight?

Let's eat.  Umm!  Hawaiian chicken and pork.  And, pineapple upside down cake.


































Who's that guy with Brock?  Wasn't he in Mr. Joachim's Algebra class?





The planning committee.














Hey everyone it's picture time.  "So Happy Together".





Here's a card signed by everyone to show our appreciation.



The line-up.


Frank, aren't you glad you attended the reunion?  



We are all clean shaven tonight!

























We are the spouses of Glenn Hembree (Cynthia) and Larry Hamby (Pam); and we love your reunions.







Sherry and Jack Ferguson, Mike Buchanan have had a great time this evening.


I want to dance with you.




Now that I can Dance!  -- Watch me Now!



Did you see the longhorns around Plainview?

You can't miss 5th street.  You just turn right at the 'Texacow'.


Advertisement for Hale County State Bank; at least they are still in Plainview.  What happened to the others that advertised in our yearbook?


Moo lah for antiques-you betcha.  Is Old World Antiques an advertiser for recent graduates?


Will we see YOU in 2006?