1991 Las Vegas

Sandra at Be My Valentine Slot Tournament at the Sahara Las Vegas

Spurgeon at the Slot Tournament

Sandra and Nancy McPhail on the Grounds at the Sahara

Unpopular in 1991

Very Unpopular

Sandra, Nancy McPhail and Dennis McPhail having Drinks at the Sahara

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Many statues in Caesars Palace


Spurgeon can't Resist

Almost. Cleopatra's Boat.

Can't Reach

Neither can Dennis






Sandra standing by Temple Goddess at the Sahara

The Flamingo Hilton Hotel Las Vegas

Dennis and Nancy in front of Flamingo Hilton

Cascading Water Falls between Las Vegas Hotels

The Mirage Hotel Las Vegas. We saw Siegfried and Roy Perform in the Mirage.

Lake View on walkway between Las Vegas Hotels

Spurgeon on walkway between Hotels

Sandra and Spurgeon by Flower Paintine in Hotel

Spurgeon and Dennis and Nancy in Line in Hotel

Spurgeon by a Large Vase and Palm Tree in Hotel

Pool View in Hotel

View of Hotel Pool and Elephant Sculptures

Excalibur Hotel and Casono

View of Excalibur

View of the Mirage and Caesars Palace


Spurgeon by Dedication Plaque at the Hoover Dam

Sandra by Dedication Plaque

Spurgeon by Gages and Measuring Devices inside Hoover Dam

Spurgeon sitting on rocks with Lake Meade in Background

Sandra on top of Hoover Dam with Lake Meade in Background