1991 Yosimite

Tunnel to Yosimite Valley


Sandra and Erceal and Julie Doty View of Half Dome and Yosimite Valley

Spurgeon and Sandra with View of Yosimite Valley

Spurgeon Standing with View of Half Dome and Yosimite Valley

Erceal and Julie Reading information about Yosimite

Yosimite Valley View

Another View of Yosimite Valley



View from Ahwahnee Hotel Dining Room

Ahwahnee Hotel Dining Room

Yosimite Squirrel

Spurgeon with a View of Yosimite Valley

Postcard of Upper Yosimite Fall

Spurgeon in Forest in Yosimite

Spurgeon on Road with Half Dome in Background

Upper Yosimite Falls

Upper Yosimite Falls Larger Photo

Even Larger Vista of Upper Yosimite Falls

Sandra Sitting by Brook

Spurgeon Sitting by Brook

Erceal on Trail

Forest View

Sandra on Rock by Brook

Spurgeon by Tree with Large Knot

Young Deer Eating Grass in the Forest