19900630 San Francisco Santa Clara Eureka Napa California Lake Tahoe Nevada

Sandra with Stuckey Relatiives

Spurgeon by Beach in Santa Clara California

Spurgeon by Art Work

Sandra Sitting in Front of the Carson Mansion in Eureka California

Sandra Standing by Stars Placques at the Famous Chinese Theater

Samdra by Fountain inside the J Paul Getty Museum

J Paul Getty Museum Portrait of an Old Man by Rembrandt Van Rijn Circa 1631

Famous Lone Tree Growing out of Rock on Lake Tahoe California

Sandra in front of the Sea Cottage Antiques and Gift Shop in Mendocino California

Spurgeon Trying a Cool Devil Mask in the Sea Cottage Gift Shop

Robert Mondavi Winery Napa California Entrance

Spurgeon Standing by Statue in the Mondavi Winery

Sandra Stamding by Huge Wine Barrels in the Mondavi Winery

Spurgeon Holding Bottle of BV Wine by Beaulieu Vinyards Entrance

Sandra Standing in the Grape Vines at the Beaulieu Vinyards

Sandra Sitting on a Giant Bench at the Franciscian Winery

Spurgeon Standing in Front of Inglenook Winery


Sandra Standing by Grape Vines at the BV Vinyards

Spurgeon in the Grand Sierra Hotel Dinner Theater in Reno Nevada

Sandra Sitting by the Fisherman Statur on Woodley Island in Eureka California

The Hollywood Bowl Theater

LaBrea Tar Pits George C Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries

Sandra Standing in Front of Tar Pit with Elephant Statue

Lassen Volcanic National Park California

Sandra and Spurgeon in the Lassen Volcanic Park Standing by Volcanic Smoke

Sandra Standing by Huge VOlcanic Roock in Lassen Volcanic National Park

Sandra in Lassen Volcanic Park with Snow Capped Mountain in Background

Souvenier Guide to the Queen Mary and Spruce Goose

Sandra Standing by Antique Automobiles from 1929

Spurgeon Standing by Antique Cars from 1929

The Queen Mary Docked

The Spruce Goose and Queen Mary Attractions

The Spruce Goose Close Up

Queen Mary Entrance Ramps

Spurgeon in the Typical British Red Telephone Booth on the Queen Mary

View of San Francisco from the Queen Mary

The Bay Bridge San Francisco California

Postcard of Lombard Street the Crookedest Street in the World

Photo from Top of the Hill on Lombard Street

Muir Woods National Monument Mill Valley California

Spurgeon on the Walkway shown on the Muir Woods Post Card

Palace of FIne Arts San Francisco California

Spurgeon beside Huge Pillars in the Palace of Fine Arts

Sandra in the Palace of Fine Arts

Spurgeon by Statues in the Palace of Fine Arts

San Francisco Bay Bridge Sunset

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco California

Petrified Tree Section on Display by the Golden Gate Bridge

Spurgeon Kissing Sandra by the Golden Gate Bridge

Spurgeon by Red Cadillac on California Coast Highway

Spurgeon Driving through the Chandelier Tree Coast Redwood

Spurgeon by Red Cadillac in the Avenue of the Giants

Sandra Kissing a Giant Redwood in the Avenue of the Giants

Sandra inside a Giant Redwood

Spurgeon Holding Arms up to Show the Size of the Giant Redwood

Fort Bragg California Noyo Harbor

North California Coast Highway Goat Rock Park

Sandra on the Side of the California Coastal Highway

Spurgeon Sitting by Rocks with View on California Coastal Highway

Sandra by a Fence with a View on the California Coast Highway

Point Reyes California

Great View of Point Reyes Lighthouse

Sandra by Fence Surrounding Point Reyes Entrance

Closer View of Point Reyes Lighthouse

Sandra by the Ocean on the Coastal Highway