GE Information Services Nostalgia

    In the Beginning there was NETS. Can you spot Haskell Mayo




GE's 100th Year - 1978

Remember Lusting after Markmakers???

Anyone Remember These?
They Were Given out at Jim Spencer's
Region Meeting
Before the 1980 Markmakers in Hawaii

Remember the Trainers?
Training was an Important
Part of the Business

Remember Client Services?
Very Important Part
of the Business

Eastern Area News

GEIS 20 Years - 1985

Forbes Article on GEIS

Tony Craig was President

Rest of Forbes Article

Craig in Network Center

Reinvestment Plan and

New Business Direction

1988 Managers Meeting

Promising Business Outlook

During troubled Times!!!

Walt had led other "Mature" GE Businesses

Hellene Runtagh
New GEIS President

New Realities

Remember the Coveted MARK Coffee Mugs???

    GTE Boy Scout Golf Tournament

    Is that Jim Donsbach on the Left?



   Implementations in California

    Mary Leasure in the Spruce Goose



Allen and Alan and Sandra publish Turbo Mark Proposal