China November 2003

Terracotta Warriors 2,000 Foot Soldiers; 6.000 Unexcavated; The Cavalry                                    


The Carriages - for supplies?                                Theater Performance


The Great Wall


Shanghai Streets                                                                      Shanghai Evening


Village                                                                 Cheng Huang City Temple


Wuhan to Yangtze River - Hubei Museum  


Yangtze River - the Three Gorges                      Three Gorges Dam


Navigating the Three Gorges                               Cruise Entertainment



Yangtze River - the Lesser Gorges                      See Monkeys?



Yangtze River - ShiBaozhai Red Pagoda



Cruise Entertainment - Dances of China



Yangtze River - City of Ghosts



Chun King                                                            Xian City Wall





Beijing                                                     Silk Factory   


Pandas                                                     Ming Tombs