Sandra and Gary


Sandra wearing Violin Concert Dress




Sandra and Gary



Sandra leaving Bus for First Grade

"In Your Hands"

Her life, and that of 1,199 other students who ride the school buses to and from school each day, is in your hands, school officials caution motorists.

A state law, requiring that motorists stop when meeting or overtaking a bus stopped to load or unload, is being widely disregarded in this area, H.I. Braden, bus supervisor, said.

Texas Highway Patrol units are keeping a close watch on such violations, with heavy penalties, he added.

But we can’t be everywhere that one of the 21 Plainview buses stops, Patrolman Frank Smith said. "We have to depend on the caution and good common sense of the driving public to keep our school children safe."

Shown is Sandra Kay, 7-year old daughter of Mr. And Mrs. James Gordon Latta, who live seven miles northeast of Plainview.

- Herald-News Photo and Engraving