2005 Album 20051001 Athens Greece Athens Ledra Marriott Hotel Ydria Restaurant; 20051002 Stanley Hotel Touring Athens; 20051003 Tour Highlights of Athens Acropolis Parthenon and Acropolis Museum Olympia Greece; 20051004 Athens Greece Mycanae visit of Lion Gate and Beehive Tombs of King Agamemnom Epidaurus- renowned amphitheater Olympia site of first Olympic Delphi Greece; 20051005 Olympia Greece Temple of Zeus Tour through plains of Eliad and Achaia Proceed to Delphi vua Nafpactos and Itea; 20051006 Delphi Greece Stanley Hotel To Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios home of the “Oracle” and museum of the famous Charioteer; 20051007 Athens Greece Transfer to Port of Piraeus for Embarkation Begin Louis Hellenic Cruise on the Calypso ship; 20051010 Mykonos with whitewashed buildings; 20051011 Patmos site of the Monastery of St. John the Divine Kusadas, Turkey site of one of the 2 wonders of the Ancient World Ephessos and Rhodes; 2005012 Rhodes Ancient site of the Colossus of Rhodes the Temple of Athena on the Acropolis of Lindos; 20051013 Heraklion Crete Palace of Knossos Santorini – the Lost Continent of Atlantis; 20051014 Piraeus Greece Aquamarine Louis Cruise;

Athens Greece 20051001 to 20051003

20051004 Epidaurus


20051006 Delphi

20051009 Istanbul

20051010 Mykonos

20051013 Crete and Santorini