1990 Album 1989 Orlando Florida Disney World Bergamo’s Restaurant with Singing Servers; 1989 Tampa Florida; 1990 Jacksonville Florida; 1990 Atlanta Georgia; 19900630 San Jose California Santa Clara California Muir Woods (Giant Redwoods) Point Reyes Station California (Lighthouse); 19900701 San Francisco California 19900702 Avenue of the Giants (Redwood Trees) Mendocino California California Coast to Eureka Fort Bragg California Noyo Harbor Fisherman’s Wharf Eureka Statue of the Fisherman Red Lion Inn Eureka; 19900703 Eureka California The Carson Mansion; 19900704 Lassen Volcanic National Park Lake Tahoe Nevada; 19900705 Lake Tahoe Nevada 19900706 Napa California Robert Mondavi Winery Beaulieu Winery Inglenook Winery Rutherford Winery; 19900707 Hollywood California J Paul Getty Museum Queen Mary Spruce Goose; LaBrea National History Museum Los Angeles California;

Sandra at Disney World Orlando Florida

1990 Sandra and Spurgeon (SandS)

Carol King Concert at Chastain Park in Atlanta Georgia

That was Funny

Sandra and Spurgeon Went to Bergamo's Italian Restaurant with Singing Servers in Orlando

Spurgeon Wearing Googy Hat Shopping in Orlando. Where are your Teephus?

Another Funny Hat Shopping in Orlando

Wow, Even another Funny Jester Hat. OK, that's Enough!

Sandra and Spurgeon in Tampa for Photo at the Bank

Spurgeon playing Pinball at Restaurant in Atlanta Georgia

Spurgeon with Gene Wilder Look, at GE Get Together in Tampa.

Who is driving the Sailboat?

Spurgeon on Chuck Seibold and Alan Gastons Sailboat

Sandra on the Sailboat


Looking Good!

Chuck Seibold 44th Birthday in Atlanta

GE Rockin Party in Atlanta. Sandra in Costume Dancing with Al Moss (Moose)

The Whole Gang

Sandra dressed the Part

Sandra with Nancy McPhail and Others

Elvis with a bad Wig or Wayne Newton?

Spurgeon at Office, Zev Haddash in Background

Sandra in Jacksonville Florida

Sandra on Jacksonville Beach off A1A

Sandra and Spurgeon on Jacksonville Beach off A1A

Sandra on Ferry Boat

Sandra in Jacksonville Florida Museum

Sandra using ATM in Jacksonville

Spurgeon and Simon Gould in the Spruce Goose on Business Trip in California

Lombard Street Postcard. Crookedest Street in the World

Our Real Photo from the top of Lombard Street

Sandra with Stuckey Relatives Eileen and Shirley in Santa Clara California

Sandra on Coast between San Jose and Santa Clara California

Sandra at Beach in Santa Clara California

Spurgeon by Santa Clara Beach with Moustache

Spurgeon On California Coast Highway with Red Cadillac

Muir Woods National Monument Brochure

Spurgeon in Photo Like the Muir Woods Brochure

Point Reyes Lighthouse. Point Reyes National Seashore California.

Sandra Overlooking Point Reyes

Sandra Inside a Giant Redwood on the Avenue of the Giants

Sandra Getting Friendly with a Giant Redwood Tree

Spurgeon with Arms Outstretched to show Size of a Giant Redwood in the Avenue of the Giants

Spurgeon Driving Through the Chandelier Tree Giant Redwood

Sandra Sitting by the Sea Cottage Hotel

Spurgeon by the Sea Cottage Hotel with Ocean View

Spurgeon in the entrance to the Sea Cottage

Spurgeon with Devil Mask in the Sea Cottage Gift Shop

California Coast Highway to Eureka California



California Coast Highway Goat Rock Park

Sandra on California Coast Highway to Eureka with Ocean View

Spurgeon on California Coast Highway to Eureka with Ocean View

Sandra Leaning on Fence on California Coast Highway to Eureka

Spurgeon on Coast Highway by Trees Shaped by the Constant Winds

Fort Bragg California Noyo Harbor

Sandra by the Fisherman Statue on Woodley Island in Eureka California

Sandra in Front of the Carson Mansion in Eureka California

The Red Lion Inn in Eureka Caifornia

Lasswn Volcanic National Park California

Sandra and Spurgeon by Volcanic Smoke on Overlook


Sandra Standing by Huge Volcanic Rock

Sandra Standing by Snow in Lassen Volcanic Park




Spurgeon Standing beside Dessert Buffet in High Sierra Hotel

Robert Mondavi WInery Napa Valley California

Sandra Standing by Grape Vines at the Beaulieu Winery

Sandra by Huge Wine Barrells in the Mondavi Winery

Sandra by Restrooms at BeaulieuWinery - Class

Spurgeon by Statue at Mondavi Winery

Spurgeon by Wine Barrells in Beaulieu Winery

Spurgeon in Front of Beaulieu Winery

Sandra on Huge Bench at Rutherford Winery

Inglenook Winery

Sandra by Entrance to the Inglenook Winery

Sandra by Fountain at the Inglenook Winery


Hollywood California World Famous Chinese Theater

Sandra Standing on Stars Plaques at the Chinese Theater Part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Bowl Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, California

J Paul Getty Museum Los Angeles California


4th Century Sculpture of two Griffins attacking a Fallen Doe

Bruchante with an Ape 1627 by Hendrick the Brugghen

Portriat of an Old Man by Rembrandt Van Rijn Circa 1631

Spurgeon Sitting by an Amazing Tile Monument

The Queen Mary and Spruce Goose Expo based on the year 1929

The Spruce Goose

Sandra Standing by Antique Automobiles from 1929


Spurgeon Sitting in one of the Large Vents

Spurgeon in an English Red Phone Booth on the Queen Mary

Sandra on the Docks with the Queen Mary in the Background

LaBrea National History Museum Los Angeles California

Sandra Standing by one of the LaBrea National History Museum Tar Pits